Honest cat

  His cat I do not have, and the neighbors too. Therefore, fishing, all the small fish is released back home. But ten days ago at work, at the entrance where there are the car came a stray – fluffy, smoky with angel eyes.

It feeds on the fact that the guards will bring (a little bear), plus the cat took active exterminate the mice in the neighborhood. Here and there was a reason I have to take fish from the lake detail. What success I did on Sunday. On Monday, suffered three things on checkpoint, leaving the rest of the fish in the refrigerator at work.

Much excitement fish the cat did not cause. The cat is not subscribed circles around, not screaming hysterically, losing conscious of the smell – I sniffed and walked away. He ate it during the day, when we went with the territory.

Tuesday, taking three fish, I went back to the checkpoint. The cat was sitting on the spot where I was yesterday, I put her fish. But not alone. Nearby lay the mouse. Seeing the fish, the cat “came to life”. As I understand it, she decided offer me barter, advertising their wares. Fur coat in mice – class! (Signaled cat raised tail pipes instead of the thumb), meat – class, LOW CALORIE! (This can be judged by the thinness of the cat).

Dietary winter style mouse, take it! Why do I need a mouse? Finish the procedure with gaps, I went to the car. The cat grabbed the mouse trot ran after me and sat at the door, all kind of showing: a mouse as well ??? I had to get out of the car, pick up the mouse. Naturally, for the first turn the mouse flew into the snow.

Yesterday, the cat was sitting with the second mouse, departed today for the third turn. If such a rate case go, whatever had to dig out mice and their coats of order coat or a cap …honest-cat

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