Herb for cats

Once in the pet store I bought a bag labeled “Herb for cats” or something like that, I don’t remember. Came home, opened it, and there is a grain similar to barley, but less. I was surprised because I expected to see a dried herb or powder. Well, I think okay, the manufacturers know that cats love.

And so I poured the grain into the bowl, the cat came up, sniffed, but there was not. Then strangely looked at me. I decided that he was such a novelty, so I adopted him as a child, with persuasion and threats to feed.

A few days later I fed the cat half of the package content. The cat began to hide from me, scratching and hissing when I tried to feed him. And once I sat in the kitchen and had breakfast. By chance I came across this bag of beans. I took it in hand and read the instructions on the label: “Grain should be planted in the ground, water daily and in a few days grow a wonderful herb, rich in vitamins, minerals. Your cat will love this herb…”grass-for-cats


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