How to help homeless animals


How to help homeless animals.

Probably each of us ever in your life experienced a feeling of pity, passing by a stray dog or cat. But few have taken effective measures to help.

We will tell you what can help everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of homeless animals.

Of course, the assistance animal is to take him as a pet. But this possibility is not at all. Someone already have animals at home who have small children, allergies…

Possible option to take a pet home temporarily until he could find the other permanent host. Either find another volunteer who doesn’t mind temporarily to shelter an animal, and you could help him with funds for its maintenance.

You can just help actively distributing ads, such as the Internet, with information about the animal, which urgently needs a master. This is especially effective method against kittens and puppies.

As a rule, almost every major city you can find several charities that do help the homeless animals. In the framework of organizations such animals can be provided with temporary or permanent refuge in the shelter, the staff of the organization can make free veterinary care “homeless”, to find them owners.

If you have the time and desire, you can assist this organization as a volunteer. It will not take you much time. It is sufficient to allocate just an hour a week of their time to communicating with animals living in the shelter. You can also choose one of the ward and care for him. But in this case, you have to remember that the animal can get used to you and will be waiting for you, so visit him regularly.

Often charities need other assistance not directly connected with communicating with animals. Volunteers needed for display ads, social events and so on…

No excess shelter will all possible material aid: food, medicines, old clothes, can be used as bedding.

Information about the shelters you’ll find on the Internet, in social networks there are lots of groups dedicated to their activities.

Will not be easy to run the animal to warm up to the entrance, especially in the dead of winter.

If the dog is too big and you can’t make it to the entrance. We can build on the street something like a doghouse made from a cardboard box with old blankets. The dog realized that the gift is intended to it, put near the booth some delicacy. It is very important in winter weather to protect the animal from snow and to make sure that the box didn’t appear the ice.

In cold weather, especially homeless animals in need of food.

In this period, the body is in dire need of food rich in proteins and fats. Cheap and quite reasonable food for the animal can be dry food, cereal, oil, canned sprat, mixed with porridge or pasta, milk but do not feed the animal spoiled food. If somewhere near your house is constantly inhabits a stray animal you can feed it regularly, because food is the most important for him, especially in cold weather.

As you can see, there are many ways to render even the smallest aid, the main thing that was desire. You need to remember that every person is able to help a homeless animal, especially in severe frosts, at least give them a little food.

After all, these seemingly nondescript tramps, too, are living beings who need our

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