He clung to the breast of the dying master… what happened then will make your heart tremble…

To alleviate the psychological suffering of the patient, the nurse put on the line your job. Because of this action it could easily be dismissed, but not scared this unpleasant prospect. However, I will tell you everything in order.

57-year-old Kevin was in the hospital with a diagnosis of lung cancer. He led a semi-vagrant life, so did not care about their health. For many years Kevin lived in the truck and did odd jobs. For a long time he did not pay attention to chest pain, and when we went to the hospital, then he has no chance of recovery.

Kevin was put in a hospice, where in fact lived out the last days of his life. In the ward he got to talking with the nurse, and told her about his faithful friend, with whom he would like to see before you die. This faithful companion was a dog named Yurt, which brightened Kevin his loneliness.

Dying though he could not imagine where it was possible to find the dog. After all, since admission of the patient, it’s been quite a long time and it is unlikely the dog all this time remained outside of the truck. Because it is now no one to feed it, so that Yurt had to leave the familiar places in search of food.he-clung-to-the-breast-of-the-dying-master-what-happened-then-will-make-your-heart-tremble

By happy coincidence, the nurse at your leisure a lot of time to work at the shelter. Description of the dog seemed familiar and she realized that he had seen a Yurt in the shelter. She decided to make a gift to Kevin and lead him to the hospice. Although rules clinics are strictly prohibited stay on the territory of the animals, but the nurse decided to take a chance.
Meeting the dog with its owner was extremely touching. Yurt literally kissed Kevin, licking that all over the face.

He clung to the breast of the dying master… what Happened then will make your heart tremble…
Fortunately, the leadership of the hospice were sympathetic to the stay of the animal on the property. The important role played by the fact that the dog was brought from a shelter, where he passed the medical tests and received the necessary vaccinations. The tent was allowed to remain in the clinic.

After a few days Kevin is gone, but his four-legged friend to the last vigilantly on duty near the bed of his master… then again the Yurt was taken to the shelter where he was not himself. Fortunately, in connection with the visit to the hospice, information about the dedicated dog quickly spread among the employees of the clinic and their friends. So a few days Yurt has found a new loving family.he-clung-to-the-breast-of-the-dying-master-what-happened-then-will-make-your-heart-tremble2