Happy find

In the yard sat a large and beautiful cat. I immediately liked his large muzzle and intelligent eyes, but did not dare pick up. Thought with my husband that he’s somebody. And the coat is nice and the neck is rather thick, but then noticed the cat, too often, hangs out on the street.

When I decided to feed, he greedily devoured the food. Of weeks the cat accompanied me to the store and back. Probably, then already he has chosen me. But my husband was against it. But one day unexpectedly agreed. I asked around in the district ” whose cat?”. And I learned that the cat threw long. People lived and moved, and he was left on the street…

Now I have lived a cat named Garfield. Very intelligent and affectionate cat. He’s already in advanced age, it is more than 8 years. This is my happy find.happy-find

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