German shepherd and gluttony

My grandfather has a dog – a German shepherd overgrown. Dog really huge! No one was puzzled by the dog’s training and according to this, the animal has grown huge (almost the size of a calf), and very good-natured stupid dunce. The dog was a personal aviary in which he was put when it was necessary to go into the house, the rest of the time the dog was peacefully strolling through the yard.

Years passed, the dog not become smarter (still, not even a dog walking, grandpa old, it is hard for him). The house was a porch. From the dog porch fenced off sliding doors, lockers are on the hook.

And then one day, before Christmas. we decided to stick with the dumplings for the whole family. Stuck already 6 protena and put them on the porch (freeze). And whether the doors are not closed or the dog, at the sight dumplings sharply wiser…

When grandfather went to the veranda, this cheerful animal, with a huge, round belly was lying on the porch, and a plaintive whine. Seeing the dog, the grandfather was speechless and vowed not to feed this beast a month or even two.

And the dog, meanwhile, pitiful whimpering, started scratching at the foot of the tables, standing on the porch. When they see the punishment of the dog, the grandfather took pity on the foolish beast, sitting on haunches, he began to stroke the dog tightly stuffed belly, cursing mildly, they say, how would you, darling, from overeating not dead… Suddenly the old man noticed IT! Abruptly standing up, angry grandpa gave a good kick of this beast, spat in the hearts and left.

The dog just scratched the leg of the bedside table. The fact is that under the nightstand rolled 2 last dumpling! And this glutton tried to get them out.german-shepherd-and-gluttony

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