Gentleman Jack, was found wrapped in a blanket in a dock in North Carolina. He was hungry and dehydrated and almost could not walk, he needed the help of a veterinarian, and as soon as he felt well enough, he was sent to new York. In the nose Jack inserted gastric tube.

This allowed the calories ingested, even when he’s not eating. Chris and Marisa Hughes round-the-clock care of him, so he gained weight. However, after some success, the weight started to drop again. The ultrasound showed that the lump on the neck Jack is an aggressive form of cancer, and they grew so quickly that the operation he would not have helped.

Chris and Mary made a tough decision: they took out the feeding tube Jack and gave him “one night at home as a family member” to euthanize him the next morning. Tanya Bisaillon – photographer project came that night, to take Jack and the family that it was the memory. Just look at this face. The next morning, an amazing thing happened: Jack was acting like a perfectly healthy dog.

Chris decided to feed him. Dog ate. After talking to the veterinarian Chris and Marisa decided that Jack himself will tell them when it will be ready to go. And while he’s not ready and as you can see not in a hurry… Jack hit the jackpot in the form of a caring and compassionate family that will love him until he will live. He’s really lucky.gentleman-jack-an-abandoned-old-dog

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