Friendship cats and dogs

Cats are the best friends of dogs. Who said cats and dogs can’t live in perfect harmony? Here is evidence to refute this outdated misconception..

About the relationship of a cat and a dog goes a lot of legends and anecdotes; and on this subject made a lot of cartoons and even entire films. The relationship of a cat and a dog really is not hardly smooth, but despite this, most families get along with this animal duo.
Both these animals are very different in nature.

The dog – a standard of faithfulness, while the cat, despite all their positive qualities and sincere love for the master, is independent and tries to live his mind. However, both of these animals can permanently divide the territory of the struggle for the love of the master.

In this regard, the owners of these two animals are often faced with the following question: how to reconcile the cat and dog? A lot here depends on when the animals were opened, and the breed of the dog, because some of them (especially if we are talking about fight rocks) basically can’t stand anyone of the family Felidae. Therefore, to get a cat in the house where lives this dog breed is impossible.

If the cat and dog was brought to the house at the same time, it is quite possible that to decide the question of their reconciliation is not necessary. Usually the cat and dog grown together, do not feel antipathy to each other; besides, this cat is unlikely to hiss at the other dogs, and the dog will chase the other cats on the street, mistaking them for a similar and equal.


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