Friendship between a bear and a wolf

A Finnish photographer has captured the unusual friendship between a wolf and a bear

“This is a very strange thing — the bear and the wolf get along,” says 56-year-old Finnish photographer Lassi Rautianen. It within ten days watched the friendship of wolf and brown bear. Lassie watched them every night from eight p.m. until four in the morning. Animals with each other, even shared their food.

“It is unclear exactly how they became friends. Most likely, they were both young and single, didn’t know how to survive alone,” says the photographer.friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolffriendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf1friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf2friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf3friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf4friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf5friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf6friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf7friendship-between-a-bear-and-a-wolf8

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