Friends in misfortune

Dogs named Bridget and Louis, was at the shelter Montgomery County in Conroe (TX) . Both suffered from scabies and they both had matted hair. Louis, a black dog, was the collar of a wire embedded in the neck…

The state of the shelter, seeing as the dogs huddle together, put them in one cell. These two are a vivid example of frightened animals, it is very common to the staff of the shelters. So the dogs have to overcome a variety of fears.

As for these two dogs, then after they were in foster care, has become obvious picture of the horrors that they experienced in their former ” home “.

They bring me in, big dog, there was no upper teeth – they were erased to the ground. Most likely, it was the result of trying to chew through metal chains.

Bridget, obviously, not just giving birth to puppies – she used to produce litters for the purpose of resale.

New host family Brigitte and Louis has managed to prove to these poor animals, and this world is kindness, gentle hands, and love…friends-in-misfortune

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