Firefighters honored the memory of dogs who saved people’s lives for over 10 years

Members of the fire and rescue service Hampshire has arranged a proper funeral for your four-legged friend, which side by side with them pulling people out of fire for 10 years.

Incredibly intelligent dog breed border collie died because of a spinal injury. Firefighters took the dog to service when she was a puppy. One of the rescuers began to call collie Byron. This name quickly caught on, and Byron became part of the team. Since then it has been almost 11 years.

Spinal injury was received by Byron in childhood. However, it does not hurt the dog to save people. Firefighters say that the most outstanding mission in which Byron took part, was finding people in the city Fokusima devastated by the tsunami in 2011.

A hypersensitive sense of smell allows the dog to find in need of assistance much faster people. When Byron found the man, he began a loud barking, resulting in the firefighters knew who needed help.

During his life, the dog managed to love a rescue, but she really only bonded with Robin Francis. The man said that he had worked with many dogs, but Byron is definitely one of the best. “Byron is not just a service animal. He is a part of our family,” said Francis.

The actual rescue do not know how many people were saved thanks to the courageous dog. However, they believe that their number has long exceeded one hundred. Byron took part in the rescue operations not only in England but also in Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, and other countries.firefighters-honored-the-memory-of-dogs-who-saved-p1


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