Fido – faithful dog

Fido was born in Italy during the Second world war. He was found on the verge of death to workers, who took the dog home and cured him. Fido was grateful to him for it throughout his life.

Every day, Fido waited for master at the same bus stop, refusing to leave until he came home from work – and this at a time when Italy was bombed almost daily.

But one day, the owner of Fido’s not come back. He was killed in air raid while at work. Fido was still waiting for him. Every day. In the last 14 years. His story has spread throughout Italy and Fido became a constant source of media attention, and during the war and after it ended.

The surviving footage shows that a huge crowd of people gathered, watching as he walks to the bus stop every day, watches that all get off the bus, and then goes away disappointed when the bus leaves. He received awards and medals, but all he wanted was to see his friend came home. But it never


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