Fat squirrel stuck in a manhole cover

In the city of Munich in southern Germany passers-by rescued a squirrel that got stuck in the hatch.. Arrived on the scene rescuers and veterinarians tried to rescue the rodent, brushing with olive oil, but it didn’t help.fat-squirrel-stuck-in-a-manhole-cove-1

It turned out that to get the protein interfered too thick thighs. Rescuers had to resort to plan B and try to gently lift the hatch to get rodent from the other side.

This idea also proved to be difficult because of the special key hole to the hatch and stuck the animal. In the end, the squirrel still managed to get out. The whole operation took almost an hour. During this time the animal was exhausted and was subjected to a lot of stress, say the veterinarians.fat-squirrel-stuck-in-a-manhole-cover-2

Squirrel was a male. He was given the name of Olivia because they have experienced the “olive test”. He is currently at the animal shelter. He was transferred to a diet of nuts, and, according to the representative Association for the protection of squirrels, he eats a lot and sleeps a lot.

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