Those who believe that the emotions of animals is not as profound as the emotions of a man, his words will have to take back. Because this photo proves the opposite. The emotions captured by the camera, so deep that photo in a few days spread around the world and changed for the better at least one life.

On this photo it is impossible to watch calmly. Volunteers from the organization High Plains Humane Society to constantly post photos of their wards, to find them a new family. Volunteers trying to save animals caught in the so-called “shelters”, there are animals euthanized in a couple weeks, if nobody wants to take them home.

In one of the shelters the city of portales, New Mexico, USA, volunteers met the dog, which struck them with his eyes full of pleading, despair, fear, and tacit promises of endless love and affection, this dog is ready to give its owner.

The dog literally begged: “Save me! Get me out of here!”. No wonder, hardly photo appeared in the Internet, volunteers literally inundated with calls and messages from people wanting to pick up the animal itself. Soon the perfect new home for the dog was


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