Electric cat

  My little sister loves to squeeze the cat. He misses, she yells, “Kitty !!!” and hugging
it so that the cat bones crack. So 7-8 times per day. Long cat has suffered a very long time (he scratched it a couple of times, but get paid for it in the neck).

I came home today and watch the picture. Cat actively rubs on the carpet, it has terrible shock, he screams, but continued to rub. Then this is charged and goes to the chair. I really thought that my sister finally his brain flattened. My sister walks into the room. Well, as usual, “Kitty !!!” and ran toward him. The cat, who usually tries to escape, do not move.

A second later I realized why: my sister pulled SO SHOCK, she retreated from him head over heels. And it is not reproach the cat! Doing this a few times, the cat regained himself a quiet life.
  How did the cat to think of this ?!electric-cat

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