Dogs on the bus

  The history of life shrewd homeless animals. Do not be seen – I never believe it! I was driving home from parents on the bus. Not a lot of people – not rush hour. Lazy conductor passes again included passengers …

And on one of the bus stops come three dogs. Obviously not breeding selection and general unkempt and very untidy. Two of them (male and female) were pretty
adults. The third – a puppy of six months, very similar to the male. So, with brazen mugs trio goes to the front door of our valiant transport and sit down in front of her. The doors close all attention is focused on the bus to the dogs.

The conductor is also shocked by such impudence. The female sits directly in front of the window and the trolley begins to stare intensely at him. Male sitting quietly and with dignity. Puppy is no place periodically getting up and dancing. What’s amazing! When the puppy dog whined too male roared at him briefly and puppy sit in place.

They passed three stops for which the female is not detached from the window, the puppy nervous and whined, and the male periodically snarled at him. When we drove up to the stop of “The Circus”, and the whole company proceeded to the middle of the door (front, we usually do not open). At the bus stop, they came out, and went about his business.

And the people on the bus began to raise his jaw dropped. So there! The dogs already know how to use public transport!

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