Dogs for lazy people

Someone can not live without the extreme, but for someone the best rest is sleep or read a good book. It is believed that having a dog better than those people who will actively walk. Others call lazy and tell them to get a Guinea pig. But why not just “lazy”? We are different and dogs too.

Here we present 13 species that are suitable to people who easily live without skydiving. If you are one of them, and for the happiness you are missing tailed friend with intelligent eyes, read!


These dogs with muzzles touching captivate from the first minutes of the meeting. They are smart, kind and know exactly what they want – all day snoring with his master. And even sleep, they manage to be charming.dogs-for-lazy-people1


Looks like a toy dog is a compact, bushy, with smart eyes. It can be brought along anywhere. Don’t want to go anywhere? And do not! Dog safely accommodate nearby and will be pleased.dogs-for-lazy-people2


These giants are suddenly very quiet. The happiness of the dogs is sufficient for their size, space and comfortable bed.dogs-for-lazy-people3


If asked to pick the right word for these dogs-philosophers, the best is “pacification”. They are big and slow. If before the appearance of this dog, people in a hurry, now the world can wait.dogs-for-lazy-people4


The dog can accelerate to 70 km/hour, but often does not use its capabilities: he’s a homebody. To lie down and sleep – a favorite pastime of these graceful and shy dogs.dogs-for-lazy-people5


Bright color, short legs and large ears – the dog is not difficult to learn. Accommodating, great with kids and other Pets. Of all the hounds, this is perhaps the most indifferent to the rest.dogs-for-lazy-people6


Obedient, loving, gentle dog. Not need of Jogging and long walks. Happy to sit at a TV and eat something together with the owner.dogs-for-lazy-people7


Are very popular because of their naive noses and compactness. Active exercise they do not need. It is as if nature has to relax and get pleasure from life in the arms of the beloved master.dogs-for-lazy-people8


Big, shaggy, intelligent and calm dog. To this dog you want to cuddle up and not to let them go. That many do.dogs-for-lazy-people9


Another example of calmness and consistency. This dog will be happy with you in a lazy day off. Its short coat does not require special care – this is an additional advantage for busy people and those who want as little as possible to mess with the dog.dogs-for-lazy-people10


Gentle and kind dog who knows how to love. They don’t need a race for a few kilometers, a fairly quiet walk around the neighborhood.dogs-for-lazy-people11


Care needs luxurious fur of these dogs, but the temperament of a keychain. They are calm, independent, quiet. Physical activity they need, but to prepare for the marathon is not required. Chow Chow they love to be alone, and this feature of them may be useful.dogs-for-lazy-people12



These dogs are real lazy. Do not expect them to feats on walks. They make their case and ask to go home, preferably in the hands of the owner. The coat of the dog needs attention and care, but if it’s not a problem for you, will be satisfied.dogs-for-lazy-people13

There are no bad dogs, we just don’t always successfully select them for themselves. We are sure that some of these dogs already liked you. We wish you and your pet to enjoy each other, not to get tired on walks and have a great party weekend!

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