It is considered that the presence of a sense of humor is one of the main features of Homo sapiens that distinguishes him from the animal. But the scholars and thoughtful people, communicating closely with our smaller brethren, ready to challenge this view. American, Professor Jack Panksepp, became one of the first who proved that animals know how to laugh, and to define the analogue of our laughter in rats.


Squeak – voice method of expression of the rat: when the beast laughs, it can reach a frequency of 50 kHz. Tailed animals to have fun during the game, hand rats laugh when they are tickled people. They respond to funny from their point of view the actions of their fellows. Observed that more attention is paid to the group individuals who is able to cheer up others. A sense of humor contributes to the success of not only human but also animal! Panksepp sure that we humans have learned to laugh much before speaking


What are laughs dog?
Dmitry Tarasov – dog handler, talks about the sense of humor of dogs, based on his experience. The dog does not understand what people say – the meaning of the words unknown to her, but she is very thin feels the feelings of a man, catching the slightest change in his behavior. The joke her is uncertain, but when to laugh – she knows.


Yourself to fun animal can also. The basis of dog humor – action situation. To push someone or something, blame the ground to drop or hide – this is understandable and fun for friends jokes. At dog shows can often be seen as having caught the mood of the public, the dogs start doing hilarious stunts, are more artistic.


And though highbrow humor based on wordplay, concepts, dog not available, but a fall on a banana peel and similar situational jokes to her seem fun. Sprawled tribesman does not calculate the trajectory of our equally funny. For dogs between a joke and a game, there is no difference: pampering at the site is perceived as a funny situation.


Finn Antti Karjalainen says that his Willy has an original sense of humor: his favorite joke is to stand up on his hind legs, resting in front of the bathroom door and bark when the owner is inside. Dog like that Antti knocking from the inside. After the official “release the prisoner” Willie brings the ball showing that he wants to continue. Another one of his jokes became habit with books: it is fun Pugacheva, throws them on the floor with your desktop, attracting.


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