Dog week waiting her mistress at the gate of the hospital

The love between a 22-year-old Spanish girl Sandra Iniesta and two year old Akita inu named Maya began as soon as the girl saw the dog at the shelter. Since then, the couple almost separated. Girl sometimes even took the dog to work, because the dog missed her during the week.

When Sandra was feeling bad was the output. They decided together to escape to the sea, but on the road, in the car, Sandra began to hurt the stomach. The girl had to come to the hospital, where she was immediately hospitalized and had surgery for appendicitis.

Father of Sandra, who was summoned to the hospital, tried to take her home, but the dog began to whine piteously and did not move. “She is a full member of the family, so behave accordingly,” — said Andreas Iniesta. All week, while Sandra was recovering after surgery, the dog was waiting for her outside the clinic.

The girl’s father brought food every day for a loving pet. He made no attempt to take the dog home. When Sandra got out of the hospital, the first person she saw was her joyful dog. There was so much joy in the dog, that the owner even had to calm the pet, which was jumping happily and wagged his tail.

It should be noted that this week the hospital staff photographed and made a video with Spanish “Hachiko”, and soon Maya became a star of social networks. After about it took the story one of the local TV

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