Dog thief

A year ago, we took a dog from a shelter named Bob. The child asked the dog, did not have much money, and free Bob, we just liked – intelligent eyes, muzzle while deceiving the innocent. Bob knew the word “pizza” and “home” that we just bought. What Bob did until the moment came to the shelter, unknown.

And just recently, we threw an old sofa. And under him were three wallets and a beautician. I open them in shock. Purse guests. With credit cards, cash, photos, husbands, wives and children. Beautician with lipstick and shadows. All dust nearly a century.

Villages nearby and trying to understand how this could be. Poltergeist? But the friend complained. But somebody thought that the subway pulled out, someone believed lost. And no one ever would have thought that all that stuff is under my bed. I looked at Bob.

And Bob is shining! Chest wheel. His eyes shone with pride. Muzzle contented. Eye on the refrigerator with food glances hinting. So I do not understand. And how Bob I pulled once cookies from a closed bag also became clear. But I have not figured out how to explain to my friends about the purses, not betraying Bob. Doggie because nothing is not

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