The unusual family lives near one of the city garages. Guard dog named Sarah and her two cubs: a red puppy and a white kitten with blue eyes.

dog-nursed-deaf-kitten-puppy-1Albino stray to us a week ago — says an employee of the service station Olga, — he sat at the doghouse hungry and weak. We wanted to feed him, and he is “puss-puss” does not respond. Later we realized that the kitten is completely deaf. He doesn’t even react to the loud noises.

Olga admits that very much was frightened for the life of the kitten. Aggressive mother could bite the poor guy’s neck, protecting her cubs. But to everyone’s surprise Sarah adopted a kitten. She has a week feeding him with his puppy. The adopted child was not timid. He considers his mother a dog. The puppy, apparently, has not yet decided how to feel about that.

According to veterinarians, the animals could nurse another’s cubs and there is nothing unique. The composition of the milk of cats and dogs is almost

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