Dog cleans up after people empty bottles

Barbara gave the dog a birthday. Friends stumbled upon the cutest puppy on one of the forums lost and found.

And career of a janitor a dog a Donut began two years ago. Once I saw his mistress as she is very fussy, picks up trash at a local Park. Bowed his head, carefully watched her. And then took the teeth crumpled beer can and carried right into the trash! Barbara just gasped, the people said the dog compliments. Doughnut from good words literally bloomed, danced with delight. And… dragged to the trash an empty bottle.

– Donut we – dog of rare intelligence – smiling hostess. – When I brought him over for training to the instructor, he immediately said, “your tandem, the hostess, only brake you, the dog understands everything the first time!”
In addition, the Donut – a fighter for a healthy lifestyle. Cooking noticed: if you come to visit a Smoking friend, will definitely miss the pack of cigarettes. At first he was perplexed: what? And then it turned out that packs of smokes – from the pockets or bags carries a Doughnut. And direct fire bears in the trash.

Summer all fishermen we have on the lake know: if walking near the Donut, hide the cigarettes, ” laughs Barbara.

And most importantly, say thanks to Donut now in the County have much less litter. Shame people – even the dog learned that empty bottles should not on the grass to throw in the trash!Dog cleans up after people empty bottles1

Dog cleans up after people empty bottles2

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