Deer Mouse

If someone else doesn’t know what on earth is such a creature – he will have occasion to wonder in an adult.

Deer mouse:

Kancheli (Asian Olenka, Tragulus), a genus of artiodactyl animals of the family of olenikov. The smallest of olenikov — small kancil (Tragulus javanicus) inhabits the Islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. The height of this hoof barely reaches 20-25 cm tail, weight 1.5-2.5 kg. Muzzles, they look like mice, and body, like deer.

This secretive nocturnal animals that lead a solitary lifestyle. Help them navigate in the dark woods big eyes. They are very shy. Soft and fluffy, Olenka covered with hair grayish-brown color, often with orange tint.deer-mouse1deer-mouse2deer-mouse3deer-mouse4deer-mouse5deer-mouse6

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