Deaf Fox friendly with cats

 Very good topic and a touching story about Scarlett, I almost started to cry.
And I want to tell you about an 18-month Fox Milla. She is friends with two master cats, loves to watch TV and eat grated cheese.

Milla picked up very young and severely wounded. She was only six weeks old. It was later revealed that the little Fox is deaf. It was twice taken to the vet and both times the diagnosis was confirmed – the Fox don’t hear.

For the education of the little orphans come from Beth Tyler, also suffering from deafness. From the first days Milla began to study the language and you know what? It learned to understand what “speaks” to her mistress!

For example, the gesture palm down the Fox say “sit” and she sits down. “Milla grew up with cats, they’re friendly and so funny playing together,” says the happy hostess, “I now can’t imagine my life without her.”fox1fox2

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