In Czech Zoo was born a Rare Barbary Lion


Zoo in the Czech city of Pilsen born baby Barbary lion. This subspecies became extinct in the wild and is now under threat of extinction. For two year old females Tamika is the first baby, the father was the male mates.

The little lioness was born on 12 September, but the companies decided to show off the completion until now.”At first everything went without complications, but later we noticed that baby is pretty weak. After seven days her life began to feed the special nurse, who then passes her mother.

This technique is not quite normal, but we decided to do this to a lion cub how to be better socialized,” – said the representative of the zoo Martin Vobruba portal iDNES.The pavilion where is the newborn with the mother until closed. Experts believe that for the rare animals in this period is important absolute peace.

Previously, the zoo already had a negative experience: the cubs of the Barbary lions were born dead or quickly died. Visitors ask for patience and promise to show the cub, as soon as possible.Barbary lions were originally distributed in North Africa. Today the species is extinct in the wild.

Some of its members have survived thanks to the Moroccan king, who at the time, the Berbers were given several animals. With the 70-ies of the last century, the rare predators kept in zoos. However, because of its very small number of purebred members of the species among them have, apparently, no.czech-zoo-born-rare-barbary-lion

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