Cow considers himself a dog

Amazing cow lives on a ranch “the grace Fund” in the U.S. state of California. Externally, the animal does not differ from other cows, but, at heart, she believes animals are not horned. The behavior of cows is not a cow.
540 pound cloven-hoofed Hereford, nicknamed “milkshake” considers himself a dog.

Non-profit organization called “Foundation of grace” is involved, as a rule, injured or abandoned after a failed race horses. But eight-year-old chick nicknamed “milkshake” became the exception. Their favorite cow, in the opinion of staff, became the symbol of their ranch.
The Fund Manager, she repeatedly said that without the “milkshake” is not your life.

Hereford cow was selected by the service for the protection of animals from the previous owner, for horrible treatment. Chick never grazed in the meadow, eating the grass as expected, the entire period of life the cow lived locked up. 8 years, the cow has lived in a cage.

Fund founder Beth Di Caprio never binds of my favourites and allows her to do what she wants. “Milkshake” is absolutely free, but always follows Beth. The cow prefers to communicate with Beth and with her four-legged friends – dogs. With that, it happens every day, combing through the ranch and checking the health of other animals, cow is feeling much more confident than if just silly to stand in a meadow and eat grass, as her relatives.

The cow eats, as well as dogs in the kitchen from his bowl. Surprisingly for artiodactyls, but this cow easily can endure without food for a day until they are poured. Mainly cows are eating porridge. But the truth accuracy “Milkshake” is no different. After the meal, 540-pound animal, in the kitchen we have to set everything again, sometimes even to repair spanned all the furniture and scrub the floors. Sometimes leftovers can be found on the walls and ceiling.

Despite the benefits of cow trouble in the interior, DiCaprio very pleased with the appearance of such a unique social and cloven-hoofed. Beth is sure that “milkshake” is the only thing like this the cow-a-kind.cow-considers-himself-a-dog

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