Complicated Story of a Dog named Faithful, Who Found a true Friend!

Tatiana got a dog during the holidays. To deliver the pooch in Petersburg alone she did not work.complicated-story-of-a-dog-named-faithful-who-found-a-true-friend-1

A resident of St. Petersburg Tatiana went to Taman to rest in September 2016. On the beach the woman latched on a stray dog came up, licked her hand and began to fawn on me for a woman.

The next day history repeated itself. Dog and man became friends. Every evening they went for a walk. The woman called four-legged Faithful.

The vacation came to an end. It’s time to return to Petersburg. Tatiana gathered her things, left the hotel – dog stood on the threshold. The woman looked into the sad eyes, and he knew to leave the Faithful dog she can’t.

Alas, the train with him it was not allowed – they say, Pets are not allowed. Tatiana promised to the conductor the money. He refused.
– You had to buy a ticket in the SV – shrugged indifferent railroad.complicated-story-of-a-dog-named-faithful-who-found-a-true-friend-2

The dog had to be left on the platform. The dog tucked tail and retreated.
In the same train was traveling girl, a volunteer group for homeless animals in the city of Anapa. She called friends. Those rushed to the station. But Faithful gone.

– We were afraid that the security service station called experts in catching of vagrant animals, said volunteer Catherine Balanenko. – These “experts” work very hard. Mongrels, they simply shoot. Fortunately, the Faithful could freely leave the railway station.

A search began. To find a dog was easy. Dog found on the street near the station. The dog looked at strangers with suspicion. But resist the sausages he could not…complicated-story-of-a-dog-named-faithful-who-found-a-true-friend-3

People took the dog on overexposure. By a happy coincidence, the volunteers were going to go on a trip to St. Petersburg… the Faithful behaved on the road quietly.

– A perfect companion! – told the volunteers. He just knew that he was going home.
Tatiana and Faithful reunited a week after the breakup. The woman was afraid that the dog does not recognise her. Nothing of the sort! The dog happily ran and kissed the hostess.complicated-story-of-a-dog-named-faithful-who-found-a-true-friend-4

Faithful feels very well – said Tatiana. – He was a stray, so I have to re-educate. Some habits of the past life he had left. For example, he barks at passersby… But not out of malice, but merely from old habit. Most importantly – he is affectionate and a good dog.

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