Combing your beloved cat

Giving your cat 20 minutes each day, you will save time on cleaning the apartment from wool.
So, sit back on the couch with a brush in hand and a pet on your lap. Start stroking the cat and when he relaxes, you start combing.
1. Start from the cheeks and collar, vicesima the hair towards the face.
2. Then move to the chest, vicesima in the direction from the feet to the chin.
3. Next, comb back from the tail to the withers.
4. Lay the cat paws up and comb, starting from the hind legs, from the heels to the tail.
5. Comb the belly and sides towards the tail.
6. To comb armpit.
7. We do not recommend without having to comb the tail, as the fur on it heavily restored in the case of pulling out when combing.combing-your-beloved-cat