Cleverest Dog

  Alan was a strict dog breed German shepherd. Although over the years I increasingly doubt. I doubt it, not the breed of the dog, but the fact that he was a dog …

Neither before nor since have I seen the beast more intelligent. As if in the shoes of a dog dressed as a man he was sitting. So – far seventies. We, yard boys, scary Sasha envied, of what he was Alan and Sasha could easily to pull the monster mustache, while Alan not only snapped, and even merrily wagged his tail as big as a very Sasha.

Sasha’s father worked in a dog kennel where were trained Shepherd for a service at the border. Alan culled, even though he was the most intelligent and obedient,
culled, solely because of size. In size it was in one one as a large wolf.

Walked Alan is always free muzzle and no one bogey. Our whole street knew that the border dog, just one will not hurt. Yes, the truth is, nobody his dog, and did not hold, so just strange, unshaven man with a huge mouth … And this overgrown knowingly eat their soup, practiced it for all the money.
  The easiest thing was part of his duty – is to find his drunken master (Sasha’s dad)
to expose his back and how wounded rider to bring home (to the third floor! )

On Saturday and Sunday I usually finally waking hours eight in the morning, is already standing in a long queuing for milk. But the door opened, Alan entered the store with a can in his teeth, went to the counter and carefully put your cans in front of a saleswoman. She opened the lid, take out the coins wrapped in paper and pouring milk. Alan thanked all those present bowed, carefully picked his teeth cans and let it only at home. And, if someone from the crowd He said irritably:
– Alan, where useful? Stand in line. The dog obediently went to the corner store and

I have been waiting for, drooling on the cover cans, while people already mercy allowed:
– Well, come on now take Alan, do not suffer with us … Alton charged a can – that was he has a terminator. Its on the road It can be ironed and impunity even pull the tail. He did not I react, and lane to the house without reducing speed. He had a mission.
But after a single case we stopped touch the terminator in the performance of …

One fine morning, Alan, as always am left with some milk. Half an hour later the owner heard the familiar roar of the door, and opened from surprise choked.
Alan teeth holding arm sweaty frightened neighbor man – the driver of the depot. The free hand man holding a can of milk. Absolutely shocked owner, picked up his cans and asked:
– Why did you took the dog’s milk?
Alan let go!
Alan let go, and the man, rubbing his wrist, wet with saliva hours, he said:
– Why do I need your milk !? You have looked for his dog. I smoked near the shop and just a joke wanted – I opened the lid and looked – he’s there?
And this put the can and ran at me. He grabbed my arm and dragged here. The dog almost bit off my hand.
– So you would have already fallen behind on its cans, then it would be Alan leave you alone.
– I’d be happy to be left behind, but the dog would not let me.
He bent me to the cans and growled as I have not picked up. So we come here …cleverest-dog

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