Children rescued beached whale

Resting on the canadian coast of the Saint Lawrence river boys saw thrown ashore of a baby Beluga whale. During the examination the baby was discovered the umbilical cord, he probably was just born.

Mother nowhere to be seen, so the family vacationers call for help and launched an operation to save the life of a whale. “We dug a hole to collect water and to moisturize the skin of a foundling,” says 15-year-old Nicholas Millard , who first discovered animal. – “First we got a bucket of liquid every 5 minutes, but the water level all time reduced, and the process has become more difficult”. In the afternoon there arrived the staff of the research Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals.

They sent the whale home, “by presenting” the kid in multiple packs, so that the girl (and the foundling turned out to be a female) could find a nursing mom. The cause of the dark fate of the trust is unknown, but experts took a sample of skin in order to be able to track its fate.Children_rescued_beached_whale




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