Cats understand human speech

Only those people who live cats know that these wonderful animals understand human speech. The rest of the people close to not communicate with cats, do not believe it. Why it is considered that intelligent animals – dogs only and cat – stupid creatures. It is not true! His second cat I picked up on the street.

It was an unfortunate cat, with a tattered black sparse fur, frostbitten ear, a broken paw, covered with fleas. If not for his broken foot, then maybe I would not have become his brother to himself, but I knew that crippled paw he will likely not survive on the street. The cat was never home. Therefore, human speech, he did not understand at all. BUT! From the first day it was clear he listens to what he says he tries to understand. I was worn out with him very much.

It was necessary to teach to the toilet. Treat. Must parasites. But I knew how to do it. Who is this handsome cat – nice to see! The worst was the cat that he 3-30
morning started yelling and demanding to eat!

I completely ceased to sleep. It seems to me that if I was given the opportunity, I would fall asleep standing up. My husband is angry, swear.
But throw a cat on the street I can not! It will be a betrayal! And I think that you can not betray anyone, even animals that you believe!

And in despair I begin to look for someone to pay a private home of our pupil.
Post free ads in the newspaper. But no one has found. Tormented another month.
Gradually accustomed cat screaming until 6.00 am. All the same, at 6.00 get up for work, so do not be scared …

And so, one day, my colleague tells me: “Well, I’ll get you a pig in a village.”
I heard that, puzzled. I have already got used to the
cat. I said I’ll call my husband first, he says, will do so.
I was sure that he, without a moment’s hesitation, say: “Give!” I called. I do not guess! My husband said unequivocally: “This is our cat! No it will not give up! “

I already shed a few tears. Well colleague refused. In the evening, I come home, and the cat said:
“Well, master’s cat, you just did not give the nurse now. The folder is not allowed. And what would you have gone to the country – to catch mice. “The cat all listened attentively. In the evening, I lay down on the bed, read a book. The cat jumped on the bed to me and started rubbing my forehead on my forehead, like how to thank. And at night he first came to us with her husband on the bed to sleep.

Previously, he was no closer to the bed, slept on the window sills, on chair, on the couch. But I have a cat named “master’s cat!” He realized that he was there forever!
Since then, the cat is sleeping only with us. Cat lies in the feet and sleeps until the morning.

And you say: Cats do not understand human speech! ! All they understand!
And most importantly – the cat feel that they are loved!cats-understand-human-speech

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