Cats are afraid of water

This statement is considered to be so does not require proof that few even think about the reasons for baleen-striped avoid water.

In fact, as scientists have found, cats are not afraid of water, but simply do not want to get wet for quite explicable rational reasons. The main reason – the risk of hypothermia. Between the upper layer of wool and leather cat has a “layer” of air – the so-called theft. This protective layer which is heated by the heat of feline body and does not freeze pitomitsy.

In addition, among the reasons – increased odor, giving opponents a cat additional benefits, as well as the fact that the raw cat fur collects a large amount of dust and dirt that gets into the cat’s stomach during washing.

And so, like a cat – wonderful swimmers by nature, capable of overcoming great distances. At the same time, they are able to swim almost from birth.
In domestic cats sense of danger associated with water, apparently, is not so highly developed, so they are not afraid of water. Moreover – like swimming. cats-are-afraid-of-water

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