Little tigress

The cub, which in a two-week aged mother refused, now a few foster parents – people and dogs! The cub was born at the zoo in Slovakia, and his inexperienced mother who has experienced the horror of the birth process, refused it.

Now raise the cub zoo staff Iveta and Bowl, and three dogsBlackie, Jenny and Hugo. All the free time little tigress eats, sleeps and plays, and the dogs keep an eye on her and lick at the same time!cub-rejected-by-mothercub-rejected-by-mother2cub-rejected-by-mother3cub-rejected-by-mother4cub-rejected-by-mother5cub-rejected-by-mother6


If you think it can’t be – you’re wrong. Looks like an insult: “You’re a vegetable” takes on a special hue in the light of this material. There are several types of slugs, which have chlorophyll in their body and are able to create food from sunlight.

The chlorophyll in these slugs is missing at birth. It is acquired by organisms over time. This happens due to eat large quantities of plants. Only eating here is somewhat different. Instead of traditional digestion, the resulting chlorophyll, the slugs are doing part of their cells.

Some slugs actually even able to horizontally transfer DNA of algae in your body. Well, more a matter of technique. You just need to sit in the sun and wait for more energy.half-animal-and-half-plant1




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