The lioness returns his restless cub home

Mother lioness has to leave the den with the cubs to bring one of them back. One of her cubs was the most playful and love: the lion cub went to study neighborhoods that could cost him his life.the-lioness-returns-his-restless-cub-homeOf course, when he will become an adult lion, he is overweening, but it is still very small and does not have the right to do whatever he pleases. Now him and his brothers and sisters vigilantly mother, who lay down strict rules of life.

The lioness, of course, caught up with fidget and returned him home. In the picture, made by the famous professional photographer-animalist and environmentalist Andy rose (Andy Rouse), clearly shows dissatisfaction with the two-month cub: he doesn’t really want to go back.

— I clearly saw a lioness came from the bushes, in which there were two small cubs. All the kids played happily and did not notice that withdrew from the den. Lioness persistently called them. Two returned, and one ran on — She had the return of a fugitive, ” says the photographer.the-lioness-returns-his-restless-cub-home2

She caught up with him and took him by the neck, carried it back to the rest of the family. It is just amazing how such a huge and dangerous predator can show incredible tenderness and love for their offspring, says Andy rose.

While the mother went for a lion cub, rest of the kids sat still, so as not to attract the attention of other predators. However, when she returned, immediately became noisy: cubs met her and your brother.the-lioness-returns-his-restless-cub-home3

Wood lions

Wood lions, national Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda.

Of course, they are so named not because they nestthe lions here are quite ordinary, except for one thing: they don’t like wet feet, and the terrain in the rainy season here is very marshy. So all his free time these beautiful cats spend on tree branches.wood-lionswood-lions2


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