Good story. The 92-year-old dog-walker

Sally Reehoorn recently turned 92 years old. She lives alone, her husband died in 1990, and with the children gone and don’t visit often. She lived out her days, like hundreds of other elderly people in bleak solitude, but one day everything changed.good-story-the-92-year-old-dog-walker-1

Neighbors Sally purchased a puppy Saint Bernard Brodie. And somehow during the walk he suddenly ran up to the door of the old woman and asked to come in. Thus began their friendship. Every day now Brody visits his new friend and cheers her up.good-story-the-92-year-old-dog-walker-2

He loves to watch Sally TV, sitting next to her on the couch. And they’re in the mail. Looks like this happy couple.

Cat defends a puppy

Cat defends a puppy. I went to a friend’s house and at the entrance saw a cat and puppy that were basking close to each other. I wanted to approach him, but the cat stood on its hind legs and began to banish me from the puppy, giving their views to understand what I should be passing them. So, real friendship happens in the animal

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