She was born without front paws…


Ever heard of a bunny cat? It’s not a real thing, but you’re going to wish they were when you see this adorable video of a cat dealing with a physical disability. Pancake the cat is a special needs animal who is missing her front paws.

It was unlikely that she would ever be adopted, as not a lot of people have the patience to take care of an animal who requires special care. But Pancake’s owner fell in love with her at first sight, and they’ve been together ever since.

Despite not having front legs, Pancake still gets around and plays just like any cat with all their legs, and her disability hasn’t stopped her curiosity one bit.she-was-born-without-front-paws-1she-was-born-without-front-paws-2she-was-born-without-front-paws-3she-was-born-without-front-paws-4she-was-born-without-front-paws-5she-was-born-without-front-paws-6she-was-born-without-front-paws-7

Funny friendship photos of cats and dogs


Cats and dogs we see bitter enemies, between whom there can be nothing in common. However the world more and more examples where even some enemies became best friends. Today we want to present cute images of dogs and cats, forgetting their natural instincts and become real friends.funny-friendship-photos-of-cats-and-dogs-1funny-friendship-photos-of-cats-and-dogs-2funny-friendship-photos-of-cats-and-dogs-3funny-friendship-photos-of-cats-and-dogs-4

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