The ambulance driver from Syria is feeding hungry cats


A man known by residents only as Alaa spends $4 a day to feed the cats that roam the streets of the Syrian city of Aleppo, one of the most affected areas by the war in Syria.the-ambulance-driver-from-syria-is-feeding-hungry-cats-1

Almost 150 cats depend on Alaa for food, he told Reuters news agency. Some of his furry dependents were abandoned as Aleppo’s residents fled shelling at the height of the war, the Independent said.the-ambulance-driver-from-syria-is-feeding-hungry-cats-2

An estimated 6.5 million people have been displaced by the ongoing war in Syria. Aleppo, one of the country’s largest cities, has witnessed great devastation.the-ambulance-driver-from-syria-is-feeding-hungry-cats-3the-ambulance-driver-from-syria-is-feeding-hungry-cats-4the-ambulance-driver-from-syria-is-feeding-hungry-cats-6

For the first time since the beginning of the war, a group of states led by the United States have conducted air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda-linked rebel group fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

She was born without front paws…


Ever heard of a bunny cat? It’s not a real thing, but you’re going to wish they were when you see this adorable video of a cat dealing with a physical disability. Pancake the cat is a special needs animal who is missing her front paws.

It was unlikely that she would ever be adopted, as not a lot of people have the patience to take care of an animal who requires special care. But Pancake’s owner fell in love with her at first sight, and they’ve been together ever since.

Despite not having front legs, Pancake still gets around and plays just like any cat with all their legs, and her disability hasn’t stopped her curiosity one bit.she-was-born-without-front-paws-1she-was-born-without-front-paws-2she-was-born-without-front-paws-3she-was-born-without-front-paws-4she-was-born-without-front-paws-5she-was-born-without-front-paws-6she-was-born-without-front-paws-7

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