The rescue of a bald eagle caught in the grille of the bumper

Weekend in Florida, in the County of Clay, in the bumper of one of the cars hit a bald eagle. As suggested by the rescuers arrived to a call place, he was trapped during a search for prey. According to the owner, he was driving his car when suddenly out of nowhere a bald eagle flew into the grille of the bumper.

After a while people rescued the national symbol of the United States from the trap and sent him to the reserve.rescue-bald-eagle-caught-grille-bumper-1rescue-bald-eagle-caught-grille-bumper-2rescue-bald-eagle-caught-grille-bumper-3

The pigeon made a nest on police car

Weeping, or the Carolina pigeon (family columbidae) is the official symbol of peace in Wisconsin. And she is the bird of peace in the state of Michigan. But in Ohio the crying dove has a much higher status! Because only in Ohio this bird can build a nest in a police car and get away!

That’s what happened recently when the police of Parma discovered that one of their patrol cars was turned into a nesting place of one brave turtle doves. But instead of feathered punished, the police not only forgave her this transgression, but decided to make her life more comfortable.pigeon-made-nest-police-car-1

They attached to the windscreen with an umbrella to protect from the rain and surrounded the car in the Parking lot warning tape, so no one would bother the bird. Then, realizing that the turtle (which they called Gertie) was probably hungry, the police even dug out a bunch of worms to the expectant mother had good food.pigeon-made-nest-police-car-2

“Our cops are people like everyone else. We are responsible for the lives of all — both people and animals,” said police spokesman Kevin Riley of the Parma in interview to one of TV channels. That’s what we call service to the whole society!pigeon-made-nest-police-car-3

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