A great friend. Bear.

Meet Jimbo, it weighs 680 kg and lives in the center for wildlife in the state of New York.a-great-friend-bear-1

Jim Kowalczyk hugs great friend, lying with him on the ground, feeding mouth marshmallows. It like suicide, but imagine Jim with his wife for 23 years taking care of him.a-great-friend-bear-2

“The bear will play with you all day if you have time.”a-great-friend-bear-3

In the center live 11 of the bears. Even here there are squirrels, ducks, deer, mink and other animals that are undergoing rehabilitation since the early 1990-ies. But in contrast, it is them, then the bears cannot be released into the wild, they are too used to life in captivity.a-great-friend-bear-5

This Kodiak is a subspecies of brown bears that live on Kodiak island and other Islands of the Kodiak archipelago off the southern coast of Alaska. One of the largest predators in the world living on land.a-great-friend-bear-6

Kodiak reach a length of up to 2.8 meters and up to 1.6 meter height at the withers. The weight of the most massive instances of has more than half a ton. The largest Kodiak weighed 780 kg. but our Jimbo — 680 kg.a-great-friend-bear-7

“In bears, unlike people, havent pretense,” says Jim.a-great-friend-bear-8

The claws, however.a-great-friend-bear-9

A great friend.a-great-friend-bear-10

Mansour. As the Russian pilots adopted the bear

Mansour. As the Russian pilots adopted the bear

At the airfield Orlovka near Volokolamsk this year settled a real bear.

In the spring tiny bear tossed to the airfield hunters. Aviators rescued a baby, nursed him, replacing his mother and best friend bear Mansur became husky Beetle one of the pilots.


When the bear rose slightly aviators tried to arrange his fate. But zoos and circuses have no need for the bears, and local officials, instead of helping, sent handmade Teddy special

station. The pilots once again saved Mansour and returned it to
the airfield, where territory was allocated to the bear.


Now Mansour has his own big cage with a bed, sports complex and
toys. Pilots read professional literature and learn from
international experience of education of bears. In the Internet Mansour is a personal page, which laid out his fresh photos and collect money for food and a wagon to bear.


Mansour climbs the tree. Trying to portray the picture “Morning in a pine forest”, he plays with his friend husky, eats zucchini, watermelons, honey and viburnum. Coming to visit pilots, Mansour hugs with his huge paws, demands that the hand and hums almost like standing next to the aircraft. Soon it needs to hibernate, now aviators help him to arrange warm winter den.

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