Salvation of the jaguar

Amazing story of rescue that happened last year – further proof that any, even the wild animals sometimes need help and protection.salvation-of-the-jaguar-1

When the soldiers of the Brazilian army found a small Jaguar in the Amazon rainforest, he was barely alive. Weak kitten could not stay alone in the jungle – there it was waited by starvation.salvation-of-the-jaguar-2

So the animal they took with them and left. Today Cikita – the so-called Jaguar – perfectly healthy, surrounded by caring people who saved him from death, and gives his love in return.salvation-of-the-jaguar-3

Walk in the National Park of Denali

In the heart of Alaska to 25 thousand km2 lies Denali national Park, striking in its pristine beauty. The hallmark of the Park is mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. On the territory are rivers, lakes, valleys. It is home to 39 species of mammals, including bears, moose, deer, wolves, foxes, hares etc.walk-national-park-denali-2walk-national-park-denali-1walk-national-park-denali-3walk-national-park-denali-4walk-national-park-denali-7walk-national-park-denali-9walk-national-park-denali-8

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