Rescued a moose every day comes to visit

One day the Lithuanian erikas Plukas returned home and stumbled upon a lone calf moose lying near his gate. “It was a heartbreaking sight, — said in a teleconference. The little moose was exhausted, covered in mud, her inhibitions fly, and when she saw me, she got scared and tried to escape, but was so weak that couldn’t even stand up”.rescued-a-moose-every-day-comes-to-visit-2

Plukas thought probably the baby’s mother was shot by hunters, leaving the fate of life and death.
The guy could not help the baby, and left her. So was born the magical friendship between animals and man.rescued-a-moose-every-day-comes-to-visit-1

The first time Plukas feed the baby every four hours and even slept beside her in the barn or on the street, to convince her that she’s safe.rescued-a-moose-every-day-comes-to-visit-3

When it’s finally time to let go of a calf, Plucas was very difficult to decide on this, however, he understood that the animal is the only benefit.rescued-a-moose-every-day-comes-to-visit-4But the friendship did not end there. Moose still comes to visit his “dad” every day.


Salvation of the jaguar

Amazing story of rescue that happened last year – further proof that any, even the wild animals sometimes need help and protection.salvation-of-the-jaguar-1

When the soldiers of the Brazilian army found a small Jaguar in the Amazon rainforest, he was barely alive. Weak kitten could not stay alone in the jungle – there it was waited by starvation.salvation-of-the-jaguar-2

So the animal they took with them and left. Today Cikita – the so-called Jaguar – perfectly healthy, surrounded by caring people who saved him from death, and gives his love in return.salvation-of-the-jaguar-3

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