Cat with different eyes

Cat with different eyes is often a cause of controversial attitude. On the one hand, this feature seems to be a defect, significantly spoiling the appearance of a furry pet, on the other hand, the difference in eye color can be fraught with symbolism and mystique that makes the cat not just an animal, and a real gift of fate.

Let us try to understand, what is this anomaly.
To begin, we note that having different color eyes can not only cats, but other animals and even people. This phenomenon has a scientific basis and is called heterochromia. This term refers to differences in the color of the irises not only the eyes but skin or hair.

As it turned out, the heterochromia is the result of lack of melanin in the body, or may be due to the presence of this substance in abnormally large quantities. It is the concentration of melanin and especially its distribution that determine what color will be painted iris. Scientifically speaking, the eye that is affected by heterochromia, or hypopigmented or exposed to hyperpigmentation.

Among animals, particularly cats, heterochromia is much more common than among men. As a rule, it leads to the fact that one eye has uncharacteristic blue color. This feature can be found in cats that belong to different species, and completely unrelated. That is, in the presence of different colored eyes is no mystery and these animals are absolutely indistinguishable from others of their kind. Therefore, the question of “defect” becomes purely subjective.

But as it turns out, is not so simple. For example, there are breeds of cats, for which the presence of different colored eyes is a characteristic feature and is manifested in all generations. Such species include Turkish Angora and Turkish van. These rocks are called odd-eyed. As a rule, all representatives of these felines have white fur, one blue eye and one eye of pigmented copper, yellow or orange flowers. This fact introduces doubt into the previously made statement.

In addition, it should be noted that cat breed Turkish van, which are often called symbolic animals and they enjoy high esteem in Turkey. The population of this country feels that these cats with their presence in the house is able to help achieve all goals.

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