Cat sleeping in a basket

Drove the man to the cottage, took two fellow travelers:
intelligent old man and woman, strangers to each other. The old man in the front seat sat up and sometimes tried to engage the driver in conversation, but all his attempts were sullenly stopped the already tired driver.

The woman settled down in the back seat and the whole ride was silent. And that appeared to him in a way a necessity to the bushes to go. Passengers were also not averse. Out. All bags, of course, in the car. Boys left, girls to the right. Men to do much easier to them and to the bushes really don’t need to stay, but the woman went deeper into the woods. Men
at lunch, got in the car and drove on.

Passing a little, old man cautiously so the driver says:
– Sorry, but I thought the woman that went with us, said she to of the village, and planted her You much earlier. Yes things and left her here.

Then the driver comes: woman from bushes not wait! And after all of her bags here, it is impossible not to come back! Swearing on the topic: “well you never said anything!”, turned (fortunately was not far away) and back to pick up a woman. Perhaps returned from the bushes already. Coming back to the place – no women! Well what is there to do? Now where to put her things?

– But come to the village of her things drove asks the old man: maybe someone out there knows it? Went again. Got to a village. Sits the woman at the bus stop, crying.
It turns out, ran out of the woods saw that without her and left decided that was all pre conceived in collusion weaning her things. Caught the woman’s car, said he had been robbed – good people and drove. Saw a familiar car, glad to bags rushed with

“Kitty, darling, I thought you lost!” It turned out in one of the bags was sleeping peacefully, cat. And most of all aunt upset loss it is your pet, not things! How
the animal had not been issued for the entire trip with no sound – is unknown. The animal peacefully sleeping bag, woke up and sluggish start to stretch only from kissing the weeping mistress.

In General, all ended well. But since then, drove that and if take passengers, that only in the amount of one and exclusively

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