Cat rescuer fish

  I gave sister aquarium, and some time mom brought a kitten … Little of this, fluffy!
Well cat slowly grew, acquainted with the aquarium and its inhabitants, could lie for hours in front of the glass! But he did not climb paws !!! Fish kitten great respect! But it’s saying! And here is the story:

Bought once small fishes to feed the cat. Fry was fresh. Well I brought home a fish, put in a few pieces bowl, and the rest in the freezer …. And they went into the room to watch television.

After some time, I looked into sister bedroom, where stood an aquarium and was stunned – a pair of fish floating belly top! Well, I think, the end of the aquarium since cat sitting in front of him, and watches. … Once I started to go out of his stupor and wanted punish the insolent cat’s innocent ruined fish but the cat began to run away.

I followed him, and he was in the kitchen, grab the last fish from the bowl and ran into the bedroom …. I’m going to a lack of understanding him. .. It was then that I understood everything! Fish live in the aquarium? Live! And in a bowl? Fresh! And where should live fish be? – Right! In the aquarium! So that’s not a cat, and the service save some!

Incidentally, the confirmation of this – thawed fish was devoured with a growl and squealing behind the ears!cat-rescuer-fishcat-rescuer-fish2

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