Cat Hachiko

In Belgorod find Hachiko. However, in this case it is not the dog, and the cat. The furry pet owners after the sale of the apartment left him on the street and left. Journalists interested in a cat, living in Belgorod. The animal was nicknamed Hachiko, as every day comes to the place of parting with his hosts.

The story of a cat told by a local resident. He said that the owners of the cat has sold his apartment and left. Hachiko and followed them to stop, but they left without him, and he’s still waiting for them… believe them and not losing hope that they will return.
In social networks the narrator urged residents of the city, when meeting with the cat, be sure to pet and feed.

In the comments, users of social networks protested the heartless act of the owners cats. “Take him home please”, “Sad story…That’s the whole humanity”, “People are bastards, why to bring Pets…” they