Cat fisher

In appearance the fishing cat is reminiscent of the civet (viverra), on behalf of which got its Latin species name. Prionailurus viverrinus.

It feeds mainly on fish. While hunting, sitting by the river, waiting for passing fish, which strikes a clawed paw, sometimes, this cat even dives for prey on the river bottom. Also eats frogs, snakes, snails, birds, small mammals and carrion.

Sometimes hunt on land and on mice, birds and insects. In exceptional cases and hunt for larger mammals the size of a lamb.

These cats have a reputation as bullies and the bullies, but the meeting with the person they avoid. Describes a case when the cat broke up a pack of dogs. There is a myth that this cat stole a four-month-old child from  Singapore, however, is not confirmed documentary.

However, there is a genuine fact, when a cat of this breed, the male, particularly large specimens contained in the zoo, escaped from the cage and entered the cage to the leopard that killed him.fisher-cat


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