A cat with a disability and a ferret


These two live in Yekaterinburg with their mistress Dasha.

Cat Rexy and his brother Keanu ferret living together since then, when Rex joined the family in February 2015.

Rexy came to Dasha kitten. She took it from friends.

But a few months later, Rexy’s life took an unexpected and sad turn.

Dasha was entrusted to look after Rex for his family, but he was left without
supervision with children, “which was not too good with him,” said
it. “After the game all ended with a fractured spine. His hind legs paralyzed”.

Although the Rexy and became disabled, Dasha was determined to give him everything in life that he deserved.

She wore a cat to physical therapy, where he began to learn to use only the front paws.

“When he took his first steps on two legs, that was unclear,” she said.

But over time, his muscles became stronger.

Dasha already had a ferret Keanu when she brought home the Rex.

She saved Keanu from the pet store where he was in horrible conditions.

“He was tiny for his age, partially bald”.

“I think that the employees of the pet store did not care about him.”

Today, Rexy is behaving exactly the same as any other cat, although his close relationship with Keanu is unique.

“Keanu is a very friendly ferret, and he took the Rexy without any problems”.

Although Dasha bought Rexy for a custom-made wheelchair, she said that Rex prefers to use his paws.cat-disability-ferret-1cat-disability-ferret-2cat-disability-ferret-3cat-disability-ferret-6cat-disability-ferret-8cat-disability-ferret-9cat-disability-ferret-11cat-disability-ferret-12

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