Cat brings prosperity

 Want to tell a story about your cat. Now I am 46 years old, and when it was 35, we lived poorly, but for cats, I have always found the food, especially since she had to bring kittens. From his colleagues learned — where will give birth to a cat, this house will have wealth and prosperity. And I was at that time three children, husband and worked a lot, but needs to get out did not work.

Cat lambing not in our house, and our neighbors in a haystack. They kept a cow, and sheep, and they, thank God, money was not a problem.

When I tore cilantro in the garden, the cat came up to me and meowed plaintively. I looked at her and thought, “Kitty you kitty, it means, eat here, and to give birth to the neighbors. Bring the kids, showed”.

When I came out an hour from home, ran up to me cat and put my feet kitten. Don’t have time to look back, as two more kitten began to poke at my leg with his blind muzzles. It was a miracle. Now I am sure: animals can hear our thoughts.Cat-bringsCat-brings2

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