For bulldog made a duplicate of his beloved living room

The owners of a bulldog Igor had to leave… But they phenomenally have taken care of the pet!for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-1How often we have to solve the problem of taking care of our Pets for the holidays. It is not always possible to take them with you. How can that be? Someone asks for help to relatives or good neighbors, and someone pays for the services of the care of animals and stay in a hotel or a shelter for Pets. But the last option can be very stressful for your pet…
Meet charismatic bulldog Igor! And now we will tell his story.for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-2

When his masters began to plan a vacation, the head of the family immediately told the children that the dog can’t go with them to Thailand. All this news is doubly upset because the dog had never been left alone.

for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-3But in close-knit family has a lot of advantages. All support each other in difficult times, and good ideas at times more. And was soon found a great solution.for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-4

On a family Council it was decided to take the dog on a trip to a good nursery. But family members are uncomfortable because they go to have fun, and their dog for two weeks will miss the grey walls of the nursery.

for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-5And then the Pope started to prepare a surprise for Igor. He understood perfectly that her dog would be even more difficult in the unfamiliar and alien environment.


And secretly the head of the family with his assistants decided to convert the camera’s nursery in a complete copy of their favorite living room.
When the dog was taken to the nursery, the mood of his wife and children was quite sad. But dad kept the intrigue!for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-8

And imagine their surprise when they walked in and saw a dark curtain near the camera of the kennel.

And voila!..

The reaction of the bulldog Igor and the rest of the family is beyond words!
On the left you can see the real living and on the right a copy that was “home” for Igor two weeks.for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-9

Now all was calm for the beloved dog. And he rejoiced with all the thinking, probably myself that “home” is temporarily moved to a new location!

Well, the idea of the Pope was phenomenal! The time in a good mood to go to distant exotic country. And the dog will have to wait for all the family “home”.for-bulldog-made-a-duplicate-of-his-beloved-living-room-10

And all the interesting details we suggest you look in the video!

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