The British rescue shelter ringed seal, swim from the Arctic to the English channel

The seal, called Maddie, was nine-month-old female. She was exhausted and wounded. Now her treatment involved the staff of the Cornish seal sanctuary. According to them, the seal to get to the Strait, had to sail through a very busy shipping lanes, and she was lucky that she was not in the worst condition.”Maddie responds well to treatment we hope she will fully recover”, – assured the head of the group for the care of animals Tamara Cooper.

The further fate of the seal is not yet resolved – according to Cooper, when other seals, washed up and returned back to the Arctic, they again attempted to sail to the South. While it will remain in the pool reserve.Ringed seal or Akiba (Phoca hispida) is a species of true seals, the most common in the Arctic.

In addition to the Arctic ocean, this close relative of the common seal inhabits the Baltic sea and in lakes Ladoga and Saimaa.The ringed seal is named for the bright rings with a dark frame constituting the pattern of the coat. Length of adult animals is from 1.1 to 1.5 m. Weight 70 kg, the Baltic specimens are up to 100 kg Males are usually slightly larger than females. Ringed seals have good eyesight, and excellent hearing and sense of smell.british-rescue-shelter-ringed-seal-swim-arctic-english-channel

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